My Scrambled Nest

An Almost-Empty Nest Journey of "Letting Go" With Laughter and Love, By Cathy Free

Daughter to mom (at the mall): “Seriously? You’re buying ANOTHER pair of clogs?”

Mom: “Yes, I am. They’re comfortable. And I always buy a new pair of shoes before school starts.”

Daughter: “But you’re not going back to school. I am. We’re supposed to be shopping for ME.”

Mom: “And we are, m’dear. But I have to do SOMETHING while you’re trying on every pair of platforms and boots in the store.”

Daughter: WhatEVER. So could you possibly find those in a more garish pattern?”

Mom: “Well, I tried, but they’re fresh out of day-glo green with purple unicorns. So ‘flower child’ it is. Bother you much?”

Daughter (laughing): “Actually, yes. Can you not wear them in public?”

Mom: “Hmmmmm. Doubtful, but I’ll think about it. First, though, how about a ‘cheese-on-a-stick’ and lemonade in the food court? That way, you can run into everyone you know while you’re out with your mother.”

Daughter: “Yes! To the cheese stick, not the other stuff.”

Mom to shoe clerk: “Sir, would you mind putting my old shoes in the box?” She smiles sweetly at her daughter and slips into her new clogs. “I’ll be wearing THESE home.”


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