My Scrambled Nest

An Almost-Empty Nest Journey of "Letting Go" With Laughter and Love, By Cathy Free


After sending my son a pic of the chocolate soufflés that I made at my French baking class last week, I received an emergency text when he was done with his Friday chemistry classes at the University of Utah.

SON: “Must have! I’m starving! Can you swing by like now?”

MOM: “Well, I’m not yet done with my class for the day. I still need to tackle butterscotch pots de creme. I received an ‘A’ for the soufflés and my pear and almond tarts, so I can’t just blow off Butterscotch 101. Comprende vous?”

SON: “Tarts? You also made tarts? And you’re making pots of butterscotch?”

MOM: “Yup.”

SON: “So I also get some of those, right?”

MOM (sighing): “I suppose so. Unless I decide to have seconds. This is my lunch, you know.”

SON: “I want that for mine, too. I’ve been in class all day and I’m starving! Can you do me a huge favor on the way here?”

MOM: “A favor? Aren’t hot-from-the-oven French desserts enough of a favor? What more could you possibly want?”

SON: “Maybe a shredded beef burrito from Cafe Rio? Smothered? With extra cheese and cilantro? And some guacamole and pico de gallo? Please? Double please?”

MOM (sighing again): “Oh, all right. Football-sized or log-sized?”

SON: “Definitely log. I’m hungry. Hurry! We have nothing to eat!”

Ninety minutes later, after I arrived at his dorm bearing a hefty burrito and French desserts and was actually allowed inside instead of handing off the goods like contraband opium in the parking lot, I peeked into the fridge he shares with his three roommates. It was jam-packed with everything from tamales, salami and yogurt to a case of Reese’s peanut butter cups and a huge block of sharp cheddar cheese.

“What’s this?” I said. “Is this a full fridge or am I hallucinating?”

My son grinned. “You’re definitely hallucinating. There hasn’t been anything in there worth eating for days.”

His roommates were elsewhere, so we sat in the kitchen and talked for a while while he worked his way through the desserts and his log of shredded beef. Then, after hugging him goodbye, I drove home smiling as I wondered, “Was I imagining things? Could it be?”

Maybe, just maybe, he wanted to see me. ☺️💕


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Soufflé With a Burrito Chaser

  1. leannelc says:

    The way to a teenage boy’s heart is definitely through his stomach – and if it gives us an excuse to spend time together, then it’s a win/win isn’t it? I’m very jealous of your cooking skills btw! Leanne|

    1. Cathy Free says:

      Hey, thank you kindly, Leann! Baking has always been a hobby of mine, and it’s especially come in handy now. It gives me a bit of extra “bribery” so that my son will return my texts! : )

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